With equipment of the highest quality, no task is too big for the modern woodsman. At Timberlee Tool & Trade, we believe that quality should come first in our hand-crafted products, from knives to axes, camp gear to home goods. The humble beginnings of Timberlee were sparked by the embers of our passion for crafting things by hand. We've always been passionate about doing things the right way, and doing the best job possible. We can promise you that our products reflect our passion for quality and prove to be some of the best gear you've ever owned.

Our bladesmiths Brad and Josh, have years of experience handling and using knives. They grew up as boy scouts and to this day spend all of their free time in the outdoors. Camping and bushcraft is their lifestyle, whether it's practiced in the backyard or outside of the western hemisphere, they learned to know when a good knife is in their hands. Every tool to leave our shop is tested for comfort and functionality. Our knives are Rockwell hardness tested, and have proven to withstand heavy use. Only the toughest and finest of materials are used. Our products are built to outlast their owners.