Pioneer SCHEM-01.png

Every Pioneer is crafted carefully to the specs in the schematics above. Finished products are completely hand forged and in-turn subject to slight dimensional differences. Varying handle materials, grind types, steel types, and forging techniques make every blade 100% unique. Message us with the link below to design your custom blade. 

Pioneer Bio: With equipment of the highest quality, no task is too big for the modern woodsman. At Timberlee Tool & Trade, we believe that quality should come first in our hand-crafted products, from knives to axes, camp gear to home goods. The humble beginnings of Timberlee were sparked by the embers of our passion for crafting things by hand. We've always been passionate about doing things the right way, and doing the best job possible. We can promise you that our products reflect our passion for quality and prove to be some of the best gear you've ever owned.

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