“This weekend I got the chance to try it out on a camping trip and everything I have to say are good things.” / "Besides performing extremely well, holding a great edge and feeling fantastic in the hand, I can really feel the attention you paid to detail.” / “I love that polished bevel with the forging marks, what a fantastic contrast... The sheath holds the knife perfectly and I'm sure it will age nicely. “/ “It is remarkable that you keep on with the craft at such a high level, look forward to see what you continue to create in the future.”

- Vincente G. (Castellón, Spain)

“I just wanted to let you know that that beautiful knife arrived today.” / “Brad Thank You So Much!!” / “Anyway this is something that I will keep for life. I’ve always wanted a big hog like this but I didn’t want one that was mass produced.” / “I will definitely recommend your company too.”

- Adam B. (Muncie, IN)

“Dude, I got the knife! I LOVE IT!! It’s so beautiful and the workmanship is amazing!! This is by far the nicest knife I’ve ever seen or had!!! So stoked bro!!! Thank you!!”

- Brian S. (San Bernardino, CA)

“Wow, I can't thank you enough. The knife is so amazing. I never expected to get something as nice as this. Not that I didn't believe in you, but what one imagines in their mind and what they are holding in their hand might never be the same. You exceeded everything I ever imagined! If you have any more production photos, please send along to me because I want to spread the news on your exceptional craftsmanship. You definitely have a fine talent! I am looking forward to meeting you and visiting your forge.”

- Scott K. (Darien, IL)

“KNIFE ARRIVED !!!!! WOW !!!!! will be showing all my friends and telling them about Timberlee !” / “this knife has fashion, function and fine workmanship all wrapped up together !”

- Eric S. (Rochester Hills, MI)

“I received the knife this afternoon.  Very beautiful.  I’m very satisfied with my purchase.  Thank you.”

- Richard E. (Prescott, AZ)